Product Review: Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter and Angel Baby Bottom Balm

4 Jun

Prevention is better than cure, that’s what I strongly believed in.

Other than Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream, I have also bought Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and Natural Nipple Butter after reading good online reviews!

My review on Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I liked the scent, the scent smells natural and non artificial. The texture of the balm is soft and coated with natural oils. It is easy to apply onto Matthias’s pretty butt cheeks. To apply, I used my ring finger and dip into the balm to get a little balm onto my finger. Follow by evenly distribute the balm around Matthias butt before I end off with a pat around the butt. I can see that Matthias approves the balm as well! The only down side is after application, it is a little greasy for both his butt and my fingers. So I will always use a tissue to dub away the oil from the butt cheeks after application! Sometimes I do wonder if that is necessary since the oil is actually olive oil and jojoba oil!

I have also been using the Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter religiously after every feed and pump. As compared to Medela PureLan 100 nipple cream, this is much easier to put it on. Medela PureLan 100 nipple cream has been effective but putting it on is tough. It does not glide on easily to the already bruised tender nipple. Tsk. Henceforth it has been put aside only for outing use.

I bought this for agapebabies but kiddy palace in NEX has this for sale as well (:


Snippets: Pregnancy, Delivery and Postpartum Care

18 May

Pregnancy is no joke. Other than the commonly known issues such as morning sickness and heartburn, pregnancy also comes with a long list of concerns, anxieties, physical strains and sleepless night. Therefore in this long 10 tedious months (40 weeks!), it is extremely important, in my own opinion, to find a trusting, comforting and calm obstetrician. 


My gynae was Doctor Wendy Teo from Wendy’s Women Clinic. Her clinic is situated at Mount E Novena, perfect for those delivering at Mount E Novena.

Both hub and I have been extremely thankful for her care, her patience and her calmness! You know especially when we were expecting first child so we tend to be more uptight about things and every other symptoms! She would smilingly explains our concerns and make us feel at ease. I looked forward to every appointment except was worried that she will say I’ve gained too much or baby gained too fast! Laughs!

Yesterday was the last post partum follow up with her and I said, “See you next time!”

For sure she’s the one I will go for when I have the next little one!

Last but not least, hooray to the little one turning week 6!

Promotion Alert: Merries Diaper NTUC Fair Price

19 Apr

For Mummies and Daddies who are using Merries Diaper for the little one, here’s the good news. Merries Diaper is having a promotion at NTUC Fair Price!

Original price for a Merries Diaper Newborn is $20.95. After discount, it’s $18.95! On top of that, if you spent $75 or $150 net worth of Merries diapers, you can redeem NTUC Gift Voucher from Merries. See below!

• Redeem $10 FairPrice Gift Voucher with purchase of $75 net worth of Merries diapers.
• Redeem $25 FairPrice Gift Voucher with purchase of $150 net worth of Merries diapers.

Promotion ends 30 April 2016

Here’s the link for redemption!

For more information, refer to Merries website below;

On a side note, we have been doing market price research around shops and we have found CK Department diapers the cheapest.

Here’s the price for CK Department on various brands:
• Huggies Ultra S 70’s, M 64’s, L 54’s, XL 48’s for $20.80
• Mamy Poko Diaper NB 52’s, S 50’s, M 46’s, L 40’s, XL 34’s, XXL 28’s for $9.50
• Merries Diaper New Born 24’s for $7.50

Sharing is caring!


Crafts: Custom designed Milestone Cards 

17 Apr

Hello World! This is my name card!

My name is Matthias and I am a 3.8kg baby delivered via natural birth with assistance (vacuum) at Mount Elizabeth Novena. I’m a big baby, the nurses say!

Finally after a long and laborious 9 months, our bundle of joy has arrived. From water bag burst to actual delivery, it took me 7 hours and full dose of epidural. By the time I am suppose to push, I am numbed. Based on mental strength and muscle memory to push.1 day old baby Matthias being pushed into the ward. The first thing I did was fish out his 1 day old milestone card. I must capture his everyday before he grows up into a big boy! Newborn is always the cutest! He was crying as it was time for feeding! But first, picture!So now you know that I love taking pictures of Matthias even if he has barely changed in term of physical size and look. I believe every other mother loves to do the same too. With that said, during the wait for his big debut, I designed milestones card to mark Matthias week by week and month by month growth. Husband and I love black and white or anything basic and simple. Solid colour with minimal prints.But having pretty milestones cards are not good enough, therefore I made pretty backdrop for his shoot as well! Moreover, the backdrop can also be used as swaddle cloth, bed overlay, blanket and etc. Multi purposes we say!

As well, I was told by my mom that a kid should not share the same bed-sheet with adult as we sweat while we sleep and etc, and a baby skin is so delicate and sensitive, it can cause rashes. Therefore I always used these back drop as the bed sheet overlay every time we want to co-sleep or put Matthias on our bed.

Further into the milestone project, I thought to myself, mm, week by week and month by month milestone cards are not enough! We need to have more fun! So other than week and month milestone cards and I have rolled over and etc, I decided to make some speech card! It was so fun thinking what Matthias will say/sing. Example to singing nursery rhyme “Rain, rain, go away!” when it rains!

So it really rained when Matthias was suppose to be out sun bathing as he has mild jaundice! What a let down!  Matthias haven’t sunbathe for 2 days since discharge! Sighs!

Before I end off, to celebrate the same birth month as Matthias, for babies born in the month of April 2016, you can email to to request for 4 pieces of milestone cards for free!

Please let me know your preferred speech, otherwise it will be based on your baby date of birth and we will snail mail you the week or month milestone cards! You will be required to take a snap shot of his DOB as per birth certificate to qualify! Remember to blur out unnecessary details when sending us the birth certificate! Or just zoom in to the DOB!

Look out for this space if you would like to see more creative works!


Motherhood: Day #2 – Patience and determination

8 Apr

The clock strikes twelve and Matthias is 2 days old. Today is the 3rd day since delivery and my milk has yet to kick in. With just colostrum, it is not easy to satisfy a 3.8kg baby boy.

The nurse returned Matthias back to me although I have just fed him an hour plus ago. She said, “He’s a big baby, guess he just needed more. Feed till he is satisfied.”

Guess what, the satisfaction took 1.5 hours. Latching for 1.5 hours, the sore and tiredness were about to get the better of me. A crying and hungry baby with an exhausted mother at 1.30am, a whole new level of patience and determination are required. I shall not give up, I chant on.

Hello Mum, I’m back for feeding!

To the rest of new mothers, don’t give up. Press on.. The patience and determination will pay off! 
Gonna have some snacks and a quick nap before the next feeding.


Baby Steps: Mustela Essentials

3 Apr

In 2 weeks time, we will be full term! Hooray Matthias! We have been doing well and good together!

I have been doing so much reading and researching for all the basic essentials that a baby will require. For some good reason, the first thing I thought about is.. How do I keep his butt clean and rash free? It just seems to be that taking care of his buttocks are one of the MOST important tasks. So after much research, I have decided to give Mustela a try.

For convenience, I shopped on and just when I thought the prices will be much more expensive than kiddy palace (members get 10% off at kiddy palace), I found out the price was the same after discount!

In the picture, it’s Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream, Mustela Bébé Physiobebe Cleansing Fluid and Mustela Bébé Soothing Comfort Balm.

Prevention is better than cure and some raved about Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream so being the first time kanchiong mom, I just HAD to buy first and talk later. Haha.

And despite that I have stocked up various brands of wet wipe, from pigeon to huggies to komodo, I read <again> using a cotton ball with Mustela Cleansing Fluid is less damaging to baby sensitive butt so I just HAD to again buy first and review it later!

But before using straight on Matthias, of course I have to try the 3 items on myself. I tested it on my hand to have a feel of the texture and to smell the product. I disliked the smell of the soothing comfort balm, doubtful that Matthias gonna like it when he pops. Well, review again after we tested it together!

Meanwhile it is about more reading on baby essentials.

Hola 2016!

3 Jan


We have just welcomed 2016 and bid goodbyes to 2015. 2015 has been a quiet period at Agnes & Maurice as we have just (finally!) gotten our flat and were busy building the insides from scratch. No, we didn’t engage any ID so basically each screw and drill were personal touches.

This 2016, no, we are not going to write new resolutions and being hopeful to achieve any. But in 2016, it will be a hell lot of adult responsibilities!

Agnes & Maurice is officially going to be a parent of a baby boy and Agnes is still enjoying her “morning all-day” sickness. Now this shall explain why her sudden disappearance since July 2015. <Laughs>

It is not easy to be a mother. This is just a baby step to it.

2016 we believe it is going to be a gooooooood year and stay with us for more updates on Agnes & Maurice weddingkits and our new adult responsibilities (if you are interested!).


Must Eat! Bangmad Candy Crepe, Thailand

24 Jul

Live updates from Thailand.

After reading much raves from Jamie Chua’s Instagram on Bangmad Candy Crepe, I told myself I must have it when I’m in Bangkok!

Initially I was disappointment to know they only have it at their headquarter which they promote ordering via emails and collect it on your way to the airport. However I have no faith in the taxi in Thailand after my bad experience on my previous trip.

Just few days before the Bangkok trip, I was elated to read that there are two more places that carry Bangmad Candy Crepe AND.. Drum roll! .. It is right at the heart of Bangkok, Siam Square One. Across the road of Siam Paragon, and right beside Siam BTS.

Bangmad Candy Crepe can be found at Siam Square One A-land shop, around the corner of Hello Kitty Cafe at Ground Floor. Opposite A-land is a barber shop.

Maurice and I love it so much! Right after we got it, we went to the basement sitting area and ate it right away. The crepe is what makes it special! Come try it if you are in Bangkok! You won’t regret it, we assure you!

Crafts: Customised Wedding Entrance Wooden Signage

19 Jul

 Started with clean blank wooden planks. 

Hours of patience, we have changed the colour of the wood and painted with custom phrase on each signage!
And no, it is not complete till we hammer and frame it together!

Stay with us for the updates of the end product!


Crafts: Colourful Rosettes Table Display

17 Jul

These colourful paper rosettes that take a little effort to fold and dabs of glue to stick can easily liven up a party!

Contrasting colours bring everything together quite nicely, in our opinions. Together with a bouquet or two baby breathes, it is dream-like.